“You don’t need a ferry to cross the Mersey”

After watching the video flyby of the Liverpool Marathon route last week, realistically I had a number of options. I could have sat down in a darkened room and openly wept about my self-imposed misfortune. I could have manned up and stoically faced my fears, eye to eye, mano a marathon. I suppose I could have just shrugged, moved on, and thought about the sense of achievement that would entail and the amount of money I would be raising for charity.

Instead, I signed up for this: http://tunnel10k.runliverpool.org.uk/

I have no idea why I did it. Another impulse I guess, much like the initial marathon entry.  Turns out I can’t get enough of running around Merseyside.

I had kind of put it to the back of my mind, but this turned up in the post today:


Within the space of two days I have gone from idly mulling over the need to perhaps get out and do a couple of runs in anticipation for The Big Day In October, to actually having to physically drag my arse out and train for a 6.2 mile run with 3,000 other idiots IN THREE WEEKS TIME (including crossing the Mersey in a tunnel, which the website assures me is “not as daunting as you may think”.)

“Not as daunting as you may think”. Consider me filled with confidence.

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