Things like this are surely only made to put you off

Just take a look at this:

Seriously, WTF? Why make something like this? And then email me to tell me to look at it?

Quote from email: “If you’re looking for inspiration then take a look at the flythrough video on the web site that takes you around the full course”

Looking for inspiration! I don’t feel very inspired. A few points:

  1. Yes, it’s very cool
  2. No, I don’t want to see it
  3. I watched the whole thing anyway
  4. It looks really far
  5. The first section on The Wirral looks like it might be a bit of a dump
  6. If I can physically run it as fast as Google Chrome just ran it then maybe everything will be OK
  7. I want my Mum

Also, I am hoping that the fact that it appears to actually be over 27 miles on the flythrough is an error. I do NOT want to run any more than is absolutely necessary. In fact I am not sure I want to run any more than the 5.5 miles I did last night.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tony (another idiot) says:

    Correct. Birkenhead is a shithole. Will be quite nice running down New Brighton front though, nice view of the Liverpool waterfront. Probably worth taking a few snaps when you stop to gag.


    1. Seeph says:

      When I was looking at that bit all I could think was “I hope it’s not windy”.

      It looks very exposed.


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