Facts and figures

Marathon position: 150th

Time: 3:19:07

Pace per mile: 7:32

Number of times fell over: 1

Number of times felt like crying: 18

Number of children hit by discarded water bottle: 1

Number of times I would like to see Sefton Park again in future: 0

Number of shouts of “Go on Messi, lad”: Too many to remember

Number of visits to A&E: 0

Number predicted: 1

Amount of time taken to sink the first Stella after finishing: 58 seconds.

Best memory: Seeing my supporting crew at 15 miles and at the finish.

Worst memory: The hill on Parliament Street

Number of training runs: 81

Training mileage: 579

Average mileage per run: 7.15

Number of pairs of running shoes used: 3

Number of times abused by passers by: 100+

Favourite shout, awarded based on wit and intelligence: “SHIT TEAM”

Number of times that I have wondered “what the fuck am I doing” this summer: 14,973

Number of runs cut short due to impending “Paula Radcliffe” situation: Probably at least 5

Number of laps of Chorlton Water Park: God knows

Number of times attempted to run on a Sunday with a hangover: 1, never again.

Number of times exposed my underpants to all and sundry: 1

Amount raised (to date): £1,921

Number of donations: 115

Average per donation: £16.70

Number of blog entries including this one: 27

Time spent blogging: probably more than actually running

Number of glasses of wine drank which led to me signing up: 4

Regrets: None

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