So I signed up for a marathon…

After saying for months (if not years) that I would go for one, and always coming up with an excuse as to why I couldn’t do it, I had one too many glasses of wine on Thursday evening while reading about the Liverpool Marathon and I appear to have coughed up £48 for the privilege of running 26.2 miles around the Merseyside area in less than six months time.

I am scared.

I am even more scared after plotting a route on Google Maps that covers 26 miles on roads I know around Manchester. Turns out it is really, really far.

So I thought I’d use this place to blog about how I get on. I’ve got a 16-week training plan, which advised starting on 20th June.

I go to Glastonbury on 21st June.

I would imagine that I will be starting my training a week later than I should.

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