What goes down must come back up: The Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019

While not quite in the same league as my epic, decade-long struggle to get into the London Marathon, the Wilmslow Half Marathon has been one of those I’ve fancied a crack at for a few years now but never quite made it in as various things always seem to get in the way. So it was nice to come into 2019 and be able to pencil the date in and finally get a chance to stretch my legs on the country lanes down to Mobberley and back.

Marathon March

For the first time since 2015 there is no marathon this year, although the month of March has two halves a fortnight apart: Liverpool this Sunday and then Wilmslow a couple of weeks later. That’s assuming they can actually get the distance right at Liverpool this year, of course.

Wrapping up

So as the evenings draw in and even I of freakishly warm disposition begin to feel the increasingly wintery chill in the air, and with nothing more in the calendar apart from looking forward to the Christmas excesses, I thought I might take a few minutes to reflect on how 2013 went ahead of tentatively…

Falling to pieces

Remember when you were a kid? You could just run, and run, and run and then run some more. Nothing seemed to affect you; you’d just run as fast as you could for as long as it was humanly possible. Every breaktime at school, just running around non stop. Sometimes I’d attempt to play football,…