Smashing the Standalone curse

I hadn’t planned on writing this one up as full post. This year’s Standalone 10k was just meant to be a footnote to the bigger picture, a practice run for the main event at the Manchester Half Marathon.

The 2018 edition will go down in history though as one of my best ever days at the office as I somehow ran the 10k of my life.

Finishing off some unfinished business

Me and Standalone go way back. Not as far back as for some no doubt; now in its 26th year, it’s an incredibly well-established event and I bet there’s at least one person out there who’s run the lot of them. I obviously never got in that early (I would have been five when it…

It’s grim out east

After all the hype, all the build up, and all the expectation, Sunday ultimately proved to be a bit of a let down; an all-too-familiar feeling of disappointment followed by recurring thoughts of what perhaps might have been. No I’m not talking about the latest failure from England at a major tournament, rather my inability…